We don’t just create strategies: it’s the implementation that counts.

About us

Reducing complexities and making them manageable is one of the central management tasks of our time. Simultaneously achieving improved business performance and reaching chosen objectives requires, especially in our key industry, a very specific type of expertise in business development, strategy, process organisation and IT systems – the kind of multi-disciplinary skills individual businesses can rarely afford to maintain in-house. Organisations and structures consistently need to be simplified, and the latest process standards applied. That’s why we’ve chosen to specialise in this very field.
We’ve got the expertise to develop, together with you, tailor-made strategies and plans to provide the assistance you really need.

As an operations-based management consultancy focussed on the fashion, sportswear, luxury goods and footwear segments, we’ll help you model your own parameters and processes, and those in your immediate environment, to best possible effect in such a way that, in an ideal scenario, whole organisations or structures either disappear or are adapted perfectly and lastingly to the strategic needs of your business.


Enduring consultancy
Our focus is more on underlying structural change than on short-term gains. As well as the rather clinical assessment of the initial status quo, our consulting activity also centres on capturing the key background detail and producing specific solution proposals together with our client.
We don’t just create strategies, we also put our proposals into practice and take accountability for them. In doing this, our preference is for lasting results and long-term partnerships, and once the project has been brought to a successful conclusion we’ll be happy to stay on hand should our clients need us.

Our commitment to the industry
Aside from our client work we’re founders and sponsors of relevant industry initiatives, applying our resources and working hard to secure the future of the clothing industry.

Teaming with our clients’ staff
Our clients’ staff are at the heart of what we do – without them, even the finest master-plans cannot be implemented in any enduring way. With open communication styles, fair treatment and reliability we’ll work with your people towards even the most testing objectives. To do this, one needs not just a decent “common touch” but also solid, expert knowledge of the industry.


We have the experience you require
Our consultants have backgrounds as practitioners and benefit from many years’ experience in key professional and management positions in the clothing industry. One of our core competencies is the fact that the winning feature of our consultants is not just their ability to come up with highly creative, tailor-made strategies and plans, but that their in-depth understanding of both industry and processes equips them to implement these in a way that is focussed on results and outcomes. That’s why, in addition to professional expertise, all our consultants are well-versed in the broad spectrum of management models including change management, process management and project management.
We also work in close collaboration with GS1 Germany and the global GS1 confederation to shape the relevant IT and process standards internationally, and we apply this knowledge to ongoing consulting projects.

We’ll help with your IT
Nowadays one wouldn’t dream of thinking about efficient processes without intelligent IT systems. For this reason all our consultants are right up to date on trends in technology and industry-specific IT systems. In parallel, we also have in our consulting group IT specialists who, for example, can help select a suitable materials management system or implement a system of choice.

We’ll be your skilled partner in all RFID-related matters
For years, our “fashion group RFID” initiative has been the relevant interface between the clothing industry and the retail trade, so you’ve a right to expect from us the very highest, up-to-the-minute knowledge in matters associated with RFID technology, standardisation and related business process improvement opportunities.
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Initiatives & Partnerships

  • rfid
    fashion group RFID, a GCS Consulting initiative
    The relevant RFID initiative for the fashion industry pulls together the industry interests with those of the retail trade in collaboration with GS1 Germany.
  • gs1
    GS1 Germany GmbH, Cologne
    GCS Consulting GmbH is developing the relevant industry standards in collaboration with GS1.
  • Hochschule Niederrein
    Hochschule Niederrhein, Mönchengladbach
  • eBiz EURATEX
  • placeholder
    GermanFashion Modeverband e. V., Köln
  • American Apparel Producers Network
    AAPN American Apparel Producer's Network, Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A


We are your skilled port of call in all matters associated with general industry information and trends, standards, RFID technology, IT solutions and trends as well as our own consulting disciplines of business performance, process management, supply chain management, multi-brand management and business communities.

Our consultants will be happy to answer all your questions, give interviews or lectures and talks on any of the above topic areas.

Your contact: Andreas Schneider, Managing Partner
Tel: +49 (0) 89 89 13 65 - 12
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