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We are a management consultancy focussing on business performance in the fashion, sportswear, luxury goods and footwear segments.

Profile GCS Consulting GmbH

The demands of the fashion, sportswear, luxury goods and footwear segments are many, and our clients are facing the challenge – at the same time as running their core wholesale businesses – of being expert nationwide partners to the retail industry as well as customer-focussed consumer retailers in their own right. In addition, all business models have to be set up professionally on both a domestic and an international footing and at the same time have to act and interact efficiently within a multi-channel environment.
As a result, more and more businesses are finding it difficult to master these complexities and achieve reasonable bottom-line returns in the process.

The experts at GCS Consulting will join you in squaring up to these challenges and supply the domestic and international experience you need to power your business forward. We’ll help you press the right buttons, develop sustainable strategies and then put them to work for you.

Come and talk to us – we’ll be happy to help.
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