We work in collaboration to define your challenges and developing individual process models making them manageable.

Business Process Management

The verticalisation of our industry is having huge effects on the processes of all involved in the market. Parallel application of various business models associated with multi-channel marketing, demographic shifts and the growing importance of Internet retailing are calling for greater precision and professionalization in all areas of a business. International complexities in global markets and distribution models and also in procurement and logistics call for clearly structured, slimline processes which integrate seamlessly with your business and, above all, are also reflected in the IT system. We will help you evaluate the right business models, bring together different process paradigms in an ordered way and, taking an independent helicopter view of your processes, tidy them up efficiently.
This may take the form of help in producing a broad reorganisation plan just as much as working alongside your change management team on specific on-site issues.
We have the expertise we need to help you develop tailored roadmaps which suit you, and to assist you where you really need it.

Supply Chain Management

To all intents and purposes, the boundary between producer and retailer actually no longer exists in our key industries.
The requirements posed by international range models using category management or a vertical paradigm make it necessary to model your supply chain both flexibly and end-to-end, but without the corresponding on-cost often caused by the sheer complexity of the underlying business models.
Unfortunately, no one pays for this on-cost, and moving across to lower-cost sourcing markets is becoming ever more difficult and is in any event not really a long-term option. We work at the sharp end of the value chain and create fresh structures, using IT as appropriate and actively pushing out against existing boundaries where necessary. All of this knowledge flows through to our SCM projects, giving our clients genuine competitive edge.
All so that the final outcome of your value chain is precisely the kind of value for money your consumers expect of you.

Multi Brand Management

Anyone looking to manage several brands under one roof these days has to face the challenge of positioning and maintaining different brand identities in the market place, all while exploiting maximum synergies internally. At working level, this means managing centralised or decentralised operational entities, building intelligent sales management in new and existing markets and ensuring the uniformity of key processes, to name but a few critical issues.
The requirements posed by the brand, the market and marketing management are the challenge here, and it’s all about covering these with slimline internal processes and high-performance IT tools and then working with your people to bed these in.
If one removes the two areas of design and DNA branding, we can put our entire expertise to work to help you comprehensively with all other issues surrounding brand management, sales, multi-brand management.

Business Communities

Since 2004 we’ve been running “fashion group RFID” which in this time has become a globally relevant interface between the fashion industry and the retail trade in the areas of product serialisation and innovative technologies. It takes a lot of expertise, years of industry experience and savoir-faire to manage such industry initiatives successfully over the long term.

We bring this expertise to our collaborations with the fashion confederation GermanFashion Modeverband e.V. and GS1 Germany and, by so doing, help develop the relevant standards in our key industries.